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Whether you're a developer sharing your experience, or a consulting agency showcasing your talent, Ecrire is there to help you publish your ideas.

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Herokugit add .
git commit -m "Going public!"
heroku git:remote -a
git push heroku master

Going live

Ecrire leverages Git & Heroku so you can publish your blog for free with those 4 lines of code.

Focus on writing

Inspired by iA Writer, Ecrire offers a simple yet powerful editor designed to help you focus on writing.

Just write

Markdown is a format intended to be an easy way to write article meant for the web using punctuation as syntax. The syntax is straightforward and there are only a few rules that can be learnt as you type.

Images, inside the editor

As you write, you can add images to your text using Markdown. You can either drag & drop or selecct an image and it will be automatically uploaded to S3.

Because the image is present in your text, you can understand the visual impact it has on the surrounding text.

Code blocks

For developers, sharing code tips & tricks is an important part of our learning skills. Ecrire comes with Prism.js, a powerful syntax highlighter.

What you see is almost what you get

The editor represent your article so closely that you don't even need side-by-side preview. Less distraction, more space for writing.

Want to know why I built this?

Why did I start Ecrire?

Complete extensibility

Ecrire is built on top of Ruby on Rails, a web framework that powers well established services like Basecamp, Shopify, Github, etc.

Ecrire uses something called Engines which means you can extend any part of your blog.

You can add database models, controllers, routes and more.

Organized for readability

Themes uses a system of files and folders to make it easy for you to customize your blog.

Stylesheets are grouped together, same for JavaScript files.

Static & dynamic pages

It's possible — and easy — to build additional pages for content that do not fit as blog posts. Think about portfolio, demos, mailing list page, etc.

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